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            Selection requirements for high-pressure hose:

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            Selection requirements for high-pressure hose:
               1. Choose high-pressure hose with matching material and pressure level according to working environment, medium and different operating pressure.
               2. The standard for general selection is to select the pressure level of the hose according to the highest supply pressure of the main pump.
               3. According to the different production materials, choose the material of the inner layer of the high-pressure hose to be nylon or other materials.
               4. According to the viscosity of the production material and the use amount required by the production process, the diameter and length of the high-pressure hose are selected and selected after calculation.
               Requirements for the use of high-pressure hose:
               1. Avoid backlogging of vehicles and other heavy objects, resulting in restrictions on the flow rate and pressure of the fluid in the high-pressure hose.
               2. When the high-pressure hose is twisted or twisted together, do not pull hard.
              3. When high-pressure hoses are in frequent contact with frictional surfaces, use protective bushings.
               4. Keep away from heat.

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