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            Oil drilling hose

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            Product introduction: High-pressure oil drilling hose is widely used in fluid medium such as oil field cementing, workover and petroleum geological exploration, small drilling rig and hydraulic coal mining, transportation of mud and normal temperature water. The high-pressure petroleum drilling hose structure is composed of an inner rubber layer, an inner rubber protective layer, a middle rubber layer, a steel wire winding layer and an outer rubber layer.
               Scope of application: High-pressure oil drilling hoses are widely used as hoses for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the vertically movable faucet in oil drilling and mud transportation systems. It is suitable for adjusting the installation error between the drilling pump pipeline and the riser, in order to connect and isolate vibration. It is also suitable for transporting large quantities of water-based or oil-based mud pumped from rotary drilling equipment and aniline at 66°C under high pressure. And can prevent the erosion of hydrogen sulfide. Oilfield underground operations transport water, oil, mud and other high-pressure media.

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