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            1 layer steel wire braided hose

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            The steel wire braided hose structure is composed of a liquid-resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, a middle rubber layer, a layer Ⅰ or II or III steel wire braided reinforcement layer, and a synthetic rubber outer rubber layer with excellent weather resistance.
              Product Usage:
            Steel wire reinforced hydraulic rubber hose is mainly used in hydraulic support of mines, oil field mining, suitable for engineering construction, lifting transportation, metallurgy forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, various machine tools, and various industrial departments mechanized, automated hydraulic The system conveys petroleum-based (such as mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil) liquid, water-based liquid (such as emulsion, oil-water emulsion, water), gas, etc. with a certain pressure and temperature and liquid transmission use.
               1. The hose is made of special synthetic rubber with excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance.
               2. The hose has high bearing pressure and excellent pulse performance.
               3. The tube body is tightly coupled, soft to use, and less deformed under pressure.
               4. The hose has excellent bending resistance and fatigue resistance.
               5. The length of the steel wire braided hose is large, the fixed length above φ32 is 20 meters, and the length below φ25 can reach ten meters or even more than one hundred meters.
              Applicable temperature: oil -40℃—+100℃, air -30℃—+50 ℃, water emulsion below +80℃, please choose our special product if it exceeds.

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